Tupperware now available at your favorite department store

The container brand that Americans have loved for 76 years is now more readily available and Iowans will see it on store shelves starting next week.

Earl Silas Tupper developed the plastic for containers in Leominster, Massachusetts in 1938, and in 1946 Tupperware was born. Since then, the company’s products retain the freshness of food.

In 1951, Tupperware Parties Inc. was started by Brownie Wise, vice president of marketing for Tupperware. Tupperware parties followed, and the products’ popularity exploded across the country.

*The photo below depicts Tupperware products from 1953.

In a Linkedin post, Tupperware CEO Miguel Fernandez said, “…we are officially entering US retail with the availability of Tupperware products in Target® stores nationwide and on Target.com. At Target, brand fans and newcomers alike find options not only optimized to avoid food waste, but with the expert, timeless design we’re known for.”

Tupperware products are available on Target.com, with prices ranging from $7.99 for a single container to $79.99 for a 30-piece set. They can also be purchased at Target stores across the country.

This isn’t the first time Tupperware has been sold at Target. These photos are from a store in California in 2003.

Tupperware pulls its line from Target stores

Getty Images

Tupperware pulls its line from Target stores

Getty Images

Fernandez says the Tupperware parties will continue, but with the long-running line of products now available at Target, in addition to Amazon, I bet it’ll be a lot harder to get your friends to attend a party at your house.

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