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Turning frustration into innovation: how the founders of Shop Like You Give a Damn are veganizing the fashion industry.

With a mission to make compassion and sustainability the new normal, Shop Like You Give a Damn is Europe’s largest 100% vegan online store for fair and sustainable fashion, cosmetics and home essentials . On this platform you will find more 17,000 items of about 400 ethical brands. And in addition: you can enjoy a 5% discount on the entire collection by subscribing to their newsletter.

Founders Alex, Kim and Stephan give a damn about Mama Earth and all its inhabitants and encourage you to do the same. Use their 14 ethical and sustainability criteria, certifications and material options to filter down the values ​​that matter most to you.

Buy with compassion, they say. No more than you need. And always vegan, fair and as sustainably as possible.

Shop Like You Give a Damn Seller Arber Studio

Founder of the Like You Give a Damn store

The idea to launch the vegan fashion platform Shop Like You Give a Damn was born in 2017. For a very long time, it was simply not possible to shop a wide range of trustworthy vegan fashion items .

The founders were often disappointed when trying to find vegan fashion items. Finding out there was a hidden leather tag here, an unexpected wool blend there, or a dodgy screen print. Frustrated by this fact, they thought: This is a problem that needs to be solved. From these beginnings, they developed a vision.

By becoming a relevant player in the (fair) fashion industry market, they aim to be at the forefront of positive change. As a platform, their goal is to bring together ethical fashion brands and consumers.

Shop Like You Give a Damn Saleswoman Mireia Playà

See for yourself – a collection for everyone

Explore a carefully curated vegan collection of brands like Got Bag, ARMEDANGELS, Kings of Indigo, Will’s Vegan, SAYE, Mireia Playà, Lanius, Capsule Studio, Beflamboyant and hundreds more. Whether you need a flowy dress in Tencel, jeans in recycled cotton or vegan sneakers in fruit or plant leather, you’ll find it all here.

As a department store, their assortment offers clothes and bags but also cosmetics, homewares and gifts. Their collection has something in store for everyone: for women and men but also for children and babies. They have everything a vegan heart desires.

Shop Like You Give a Damn Seller Brava Fabrics

Get started and get a discount

If you feel motivated to go ahead and browse their vegan collection, be sure to sign up for the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter and enjoy a 5% off your next order.

Along with the discount, you’ll also receive insightful articles and fashion inspirations personalized just for you. Never spam, but always on topic and relevant to any vegan fashion lover.

MoEa Bio-Sneakers (Courtesy of MoEa)

All your favorite brands in one place

As a large online store focused on accessibility of vegan and more sustainable fashion, makeup, and home essentials, you can find a wide selection of items while keeping your spending down. The Shop Like You Give a Damn team wants everyone to be able to shop more ethically. So they try to offer ethical items that cover most people’s shopping budgets, top to bottom and everything in between.

This vegan business brings together many ethical brands and sellers, with all kinds of visitors who are even remotely interested in ethical and sustainable shopping.

ESMAY bags

We all know that choosing a plant-based diet has an extremely positive effect on Mama Earth, our fellow citizens. and animals. But did you know the same goes for veganizing your wardrobe? Especially when shopping with compassion for people and sustainability in mind too.

While this tantalizing collection will likely inspire some of your future outfits, always remember: Buy with compassion. No more than you need. And always vegan, fair and as sustainably as possible. Only green your wardrobe when you really need to.

You want to know more ? Dive into the realm of sustainable and ethical fashion and cosmetics

And if you still have doubts about how to buy more ethically, you can visit the Shop Like You Give a Damn’s blog. Here you’ll find in-depth articles on contemporary fashion topics like greenwashing, microfibers, what makes fashion right and more.