Signs that Show Your Vehicle needs Car Service

25 Sep

Car trouble has to be among the most frustrating things in life. This is worst especially when you are on a road trip and your car suddenly stops functioning, and you can’t locate a car repair service centre anywhere near. Telling whether your car has a problem in your spare time can save you a lot of time, embarrassment as well as stress. Below are some signs that show your vehicle is in need of a car service.

Check if engine light is flashing

Whereas having an illuminated check engine light is normal, a signal that your car engine needs checking, when it’s flashing, shows that your car needs serious attention from your car service in Bayswater VIC or wherever locality you reside. It is a major indicator that something is wrong with one of your car systems. The problem could be with the emission system that could damage the catalytic convertor if the vehicle gets driven and is still unrepaired. Therefore, take your car immediately to your car service centre when you see this red light.

You notice smoke

Smoking coming out from under the hood could be a great sign that you are having an overheating problem, and that is very dangerous for your engine. It could get damaged if you continue driving it. Check the temperature gauge so that you can note if it’s going up. If it is and you are driving, then pull over and wait until the engine cools. Meanwhile taking your vehicle for acheap car service if you were not financially prepared is an option you should consider.

Excess smoke from the exhaust

Excess smoke coming from the exhaust could be a sign that oil is leaking. There could also be some burning smell accompanying it. While you may notice little smoke from the exhaust during the transitioning period to winter, it’s no cause for alarm as the reaction is due to water vapour and will subside as soon as temperature increases. If the smoke is too much though, check for a black residue at the bumper area of your car. If it is present, then car service should be in your immediate plans.

Other signs

Major oil leaks are indicators the vehicle needs servicing. You could notice leaks at the spot where you park your car. Also you can notice some weird noises as you drive, thereby indicating something is wrong with the wheels or your brakes. Also check out for a shaky engine as it could mean a performance problem. Another indicator could be the difference in how some operations are running in your car. For example, you could be experiencing difficulty as you try to turn up the speed in your car. Take it to see a mechanic.

So many people do not know they need a car service until it’s too late. A regular check on your vehicle could help you save a lot of money in repairs and also save you from the embarrassment of being stuck somewhere unprepared. Use the above tips and determine when it is the right time to get the best car service in Bayswater VIC.

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