Shanghai: After June 1, the mall and department store fully resumed offline operations

Basic consumption Yesterday 22:34 (GMT+8)

Shanghai is accelerating the pace of business recovery and city restoration. According to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, shopping malls and department stores will fully resume offline operations after June 1. According to Shanghai’s implementation plan to continuously consolidate epidemic prevention and control achievements and promote the orderly resumption of commercial enterprises, stores, malls, department stores, professional specialty stores and other outlets. sale must prepare for the resumption of offline activity, set up closed-loop personnel management, do a good job of preventive disinfection before opening, set up a “place code” or a “digital sentinel” , and provide services in the form of “online ordering and offline delivery”. Areas without epidemic risk can resume offline activities in batches in an orderly manner. Before May 31, the total flow of passengers must not exceed 50% of the maximum transport capacity; After June 1, offline operations will fully resume and the total passenger flow will not exceed 75% of the maximum load capacity. At the same time, Shanghai has promoted the resumption of offline catering, hairdressing, washing and dyeing and other life services in an orderly fashion. Before May 31, the catering service will set up online and offline take-out. Hairdressing, washing and dyeing services should implement measures such as online booking, off-line travel during peak hours and flow restriction, and the total passenger flow should not exceed 50% of the maximum load capacity. Housekeeping and appliance maintenance services will gradually resume operations after May 22.