Serendipity offers an eclectic mix in Eastgate Shopping Center | Local business news

The Eastgate Mall on Tusculum Boulevard recently welcomed a new business called Serendipity, which is described by its owner as a resale store with a bit of everything.

“An emporium is a place where you can find a number of things in many different categories, and serendipity means finding something beautiful by accident,” said company owner Charity Clark. “Some things are new, but most are already loved.”

Serendipity is organized by departments, with clothing in the back of the store and other categories such as home decor and furniture, pet and baby necessities, books and movies and “Fabulous Finds”, which encompasses anything that does not belong to a designated department. .

In addition to Serendipity, Clark is also suing the business she operated in Raleigh, North Carolina, until she moved to Greeneville late last year.

Through From Clutter to Calm, Clark helps people declutter and downsize by removing unwanted items, which she then cleans, repairs, and resells. The cost, if any, depends on the job.

“I love helping people take back control of their space, and it’s a service in that sense. The items I take out also fuel the store and allow me to keep prices down. It’s very symbiotic,” Clark said “It’s a slow comeback, but I don’t mind.”

She said local customers can exchange items they want to get rid of for the service provided by Clark to remove them at no further cost. There are charges for longer journeys.

Clark said she also recently decided to log large items that people want to get rid of, but she said she doesn’t log clothes. Donations are also accepted, and Clark said she also salvaged leftovers from the garage sale.

Clark said she was motivated both by helping others and by wanting to reduce waste.

“Where I originally came from in New York was very economically depressed, and my family hardly bought anything when I was growing up. You just appreciate what you have,” Clark said. “Then I worked eight years in a landfill coordinating transfer stations, and I saw two mountains built. I saw everything that went to the landfill, like new furniture when someone decided to paint their living room. Some people throw away so much while others have nothing.

By helping to fix, if necessary, or simply removing unwanted clutter from a person, Clark aims to further avoid landfills and help those on a much more limited budget.

Clark moved to Greeneville in late 2021 specifically for the Eastgate Mall storefront.

She said Serendipity opened in mid-December after a six-week renovation project, and she hopes to create a community alongside her business in the new space.

“I like to support local craftspeople, so they’re welcome to display their stuff here, and there’s also a craftsmen’s corner where people can come in, and there are materials here that they can try out,” said said Clark. “There’s a play area for the kids, and we love hosting community events here too, like group crafts and kids’ movie nights.”

Clark said she posts event information on Facebook and also plans a monthly newsletter with events, contests and more.

“I want people to come here and make this place yours,” Clark said.

She currently works solo, but said her goals include growing Serendipity and hiring employees.

Until the end of March, customers can exchange a like-new garment for a comparable item in store.

Serendipity is located at 825 Tusculum Blvd. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

For more information, call 895-5888 or find Serendipity LLC online.