Parisian department store Printemps opens a podcast studio – WWD

STUDIO AREA: French department store Printemps is launching “Le Studio”, an in-house content creation space, positioning itself as the first store to offer a dedicated home for recording podcasts and other multimedia shows.

Printemps, which recently underwent a rebrand and will soon diversify globally with stores in Doha, Qatar and New York, aims to increase content production to support its strategy omnichannel retail.

“Printemps affirms its new role as a media outlet with its customers and its entire ecosystem,” the company said in a statement. “While Printemps intends to continue to adapt to new models of remote consumption and strengthen the commitment of its international clientele, this hybrid space will also be an entertainment space because it will allow [clients] attend some performances directly.

“Le Studio” will be installed in the heart of its flagship Paris Boulevard Haussmann.

The studio will support its podcast program, launched in November 2021, which has hosted a short series of environmentally-focused topics, including pastry chef Nina Metayer, “Earth From Above” director Yann-Arthus Bertrand, Simon Bernard de Plastic Odyssey, Alban Mayne of Beauty Disrupted, and shows on thrift shopping and retail.

The space will also host its bi-monthly live shopping events featuring influencers and stylists, who teach tips and tricks while promoting the latest trends. This company was launched in June 2021.

Under the leadership of Groupe Printemps Managing Director Jean-Marc Bellaiche, who joined in October 2020, the historic department store has refocused its efforts on expanding its omnichannel and digital presence, including e-commerce from its website and through third-party apps such as WhatsApp. Those sales have doubled over the past three years for the group, Bellaiche said.

Creating its own content is part of the broader trend for stores to add immersive experiences as retailers fight for space in the attention economy. With the shift to online shopping, retailers are banking on entertainment as part of their offerings and increasingly see themselves competing with games and social media, such as TikTok.

Part of Bellaiche’s strategy is to offer unique experiences. Printemps said its in-house facilities will not only speed up content production and program availability, but the studio will also host shoots for partner brands as well as meet-and-greets and events.