Oh ! Texas man fired from department store after being confronted for saying the N-word

“I’m so smart! I’m so smart! SMRT!”

A black man was shopping for clothes at the upscale department store Dillard’s at NorthPark Center in Dallas, near the wealthy enclaves of University Park and Highland Park. There, the black man, along with his 10-year-old son and another adult, asked an employee, who went by the name Homer, where the changing rooms were. After directing them to the bedrooms, Homer mumbled, “Fuck [racial slur]”. The 10-year-old boy and the other adult heard Homer’s tantrum, and the boy’s father was told about the affair. The father confronted Homer, gracefully, after initially being unable to speak to a manager. The encounter was originally posted on a cousin’s Instagram.


FATHER: My 10 year old heard you call me a whore [racial slur]. I want you to know that, and that’s unacceptable. You shouldn’t do that. You are too old. My family has frequented Dillard’s for many years. I behave with honor. I would never disrespect a human being by calling them by name. You did. You don’t know the impact of what you did to my son. But maybe you don’t know…

HOMER: Not aware? I did not even know-

FATHER: It doesn’t matter that you notice me. You shouldn’t talk that way, period.

HOMER: I know.

THE FATHER: Then, if you know it, why do it?

HOMER: [inaudible speech]I hurt my leg, I—

FATHER: You hurt your leg and you said damn [racial slur]?

HOMER: [inaudible speech] … something like that… my leg cramp. I didn’t even know you were—

FATHER: Homer, listen to what I say.

HOMER: I am.

FATHER: How long have you been working here?

HOMER: Over twenty years.

THE FATHER: More than twenty years, and you are acting in this way.

[Homer shrugs.]

FATHER: You don’t know, you don’t know what straw could break the camel’s back. You do not know.

HOMER: I know.

FATHER: But you disrespected me, you disrespected my family.

HOMER: I couldn’t…

FATHER: But I would never do your children or your family or even you or any human being that way. I would never treat anyone that way.

HOMER: [inaudible speech]

FATHER: But I want you to know that man to man, that shit ain’t cool. And you don’t know which young man. I have grace and honor, and I was brought up with morals and values. But I lost a lot. I lost my mother. I lost my mother-in-law. I lost my sister. All last year. You don’t know what mental state the next human being might be in. And it wouldn’t be a cop. It wouldn’t be a security guard. There wouldn’t be anyone who could stop me from getting on your ass if I wanted to, do you understand me? So I want you to know, think about it. No matter the age. Treating human beings with respect, morals and values. Do you understand that? Now I have to go home and correct my 10 year old son not to be a fucking idiot. Don’t fool around. Don’t be like Homer. Homer has no respect for my species, or any human being. It’s not a black and white problem. It’s a silly problem, and I want it solved. So I notified your supervisor. We have you, we have everyone has heard you say. Then I want the whole store to know you were wrong. And I just bought this thing, at Dillard’s, with Homer working here. I wouldn’t treat anyone like that, and you’re absolutely wrong. As God bless you, and keep moving on, and then I’ll pray for you, Homer. Peace and blessing.

It is unclear how long Homer pondered his sordid actions, if at all. Either way, shortly after that encounter, Homer was fired from his 20-year career at Dillard.


Good thing they took immediate action on this. But Dillard’s has not been without racial controversy, as the company has been reprimanded for incidents of racial profiling, past and present. And of course, our work is limited when it comes to fighting the sin of racism. You never know if your neighbors are hiding with such racist worldviews.