Nostalgia: History of iconic Murrays department store

Wycombe’s iconic department store, Murrays, was founded by James “Jim” Rivett in the 1940s, shortly after the end of World War II.

At first it was called Walk Round Store, then for almost 40 years it enjoyed a high reputation among shoppers in the neighborhood.

Most residents of Wycombe and surrounding towns and villages will have fond memories of the store.

Here we trace the history of Murrays in pictures, starting with the physical development of the store and then looking at some of the then unique features inside.

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Bucks Free Press: Can anyone remember Murrays department store?Can anyone remember Murrays department store? (Image: SWOP)

Top: Demolition of Murrays store nears completion, March 1984.

Center left: This shows the view to the rear of Murrays in July 1967 when pile driving for the Octagon Center development was in progress, causing noise and vibration.

Center right: The famous Murrays clock, which went up and down with the elevators, 1960s.

Left: Here we see the Pick & Mix display for sweets developed by James Rivett, inside Murrays, in the 1950s.

Above: Here we see an elevated view inside the Atrium area of ​​the Octagon Center that shows the entrance to Murrays department store, September 1970.

Bucks Free Press: Can you see anyone you know in these photos?Can you see anyone you know in these photos? (Image: SWOP)

Continuing from the previous passage, we now take a look at some of the people, staff and shoppers, who helped create the legend that is Murrays department store.

High: Murrays staff members relax on a store roof terrace during their lunch break, 1960s.

Center left: It’s sale time at Murrays, sometimes the queue stretched from the store, along White Hart St, on the corner of Pauls Row, to St Mary St.

Center-right : A model walks down the “catwalk” at a Murrays fashion show, 1970s. Does any reader know the exact location?

Left: Comedian Ted Ray signs his autograph for a fan while visiting Murrays, 1957.

Above: A lingerie promotion event at Murrays, where guests and models mingle and chat, April 1969.