New restaurant opens in Stroud department store

A new restaurant opened in the Sandersons store in the Five Valleys shopping center last night, offering what it calls an ‘edible tapestry of home-cooked Italian dishes’.

Owners, married couple Matteo Conte and Clara Cardillo, moved from Rome to the Cotswolds eight years ago and quickly got to work building a business doing what they love, cooking and serving delicious Italian food in using recipes and ingredients from their home country.

The couple’s latest venture Terra – meaning Earth – is said to refer to the simple, fresh ingredients they will use to build their authentic menu.

The quarter of a million pound investment restaurant was launched last night and from today diners will be able to enjoy a beautifully designed luxury space reflecting the retail environment offered by Sandersons Boutique .

Also open for breakfast, diners will be treated to a warm Mediterranean welcome with a side of Italian coffee. A dedicated brunch menu will be offered every Sunday.

Co-owner Clara Cardillo said: “We couldn’t be happier. This space is exactly what we were looking for. We are very excited to start this new business at Five Valleys.

“Terra is the perfect addition to the mall. We have a lot of other food merchants who are great as well.”

A sample of the Terra menu was offered at the launch party to around 40 guests, with many dishes made from family recipes passed down and enjoyed by three generations, including a signature Tiramisu.

Matteo and Clara also own and continue to manage, with the help of Clara’s parents, Patrizia D’Onofrio and Andrea Cardillo, the Non-Solo Pasta unit within the Five Valleys Indoor Market, where they served their award-winning arancini for the last two years.

The new restaurant would have created seven additional full-time jobs, with more to come.