Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Taylor Ratcliffe: Over in Rindge – Marshalls and Department Store Memorabilia

Published: 04/25/2022 09:01:40

As a child of the 1980s, my department store memories were made on trips to Caldor, Bradlees and, of course, Zayre.

Who could forget that of Zayre? I distinctly remember those glamorous browns and reddish oranges from the store signage, complete with a signature asterisk. Auburn carpeting and fluorescent lights, fashion displays for the whole family, gold-plated jewelry display cases and all your homeware needs. Memory is as clear as a bell.

That’s why when one of my daughters recently asked what was going on in the space next to the Rindge Market basket, I felt a rush of nostalgia.

“Marshalls, and it will soon become our new go-to store,” was my response.

It turns out that Marshalls is only a few stores away from the Zayre of my childhood in the line of mid to late 20th century department stores. I should know. I recently went down an online rabbit hole of retail nostalgia, courtesy of Wikipedia, and learned more than I thought possible about department store family trees.

Marshalls, or as my stepfather calls it “Chez Marshalls”, was once sued by Zayre Corp., but refused to be bought out. Years later, Zayre established the TJ Maxx stores. Then TJX, a subsidiary of Zayre was created, which later acquired TJ Maxx and Marshalls. And there you have it, six degrees of retail separation.

Wondering if my Marshalls-inspired nostalgia was a little weird, I reached out to Alissa, a friend of Rindge’s and another mom. Turns out she also has similar childhood memories of department stores.

“I remember Stuart, and Rich too! I especially remember saving money to buy Rich’s “Mall Madness” game! she tells me. (I remember Rich’s too, even though the 1988 version of “Girl Talk” was my favorite tween game.)

Now, some 35 years after my last trip to Zayre’s (or Rich’s for that matter), I am delighted to greet his second cousin once removed, so to speak, as he settles down in Rindge. And I’m not alone. Julie, another friend and relative of Rindge, thinks his arrival will be an asset.

“I think Marshalls will be a great addition to the city! With the new Liquor Store building, Monadnock Appliance and Verizon store, things are bustling again! ” she says.

Even salon owner and stylist Deb DiBernardo, in Peterborough at Salon Exodus, has Marshalls on her mind.

“I’m so excited!” she tells me. We looked a bit at the distance we have to travel in our corner of New Hampshire to get the maximum for the minimum!

Although a final opening date is unknown, it is rumored to be later this year. I look forward to this and the memories I will make with my family when we go out to the great stores at the local Marshalls in Rindge. See you there, friends!

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