Jerome Karam breathes new life into Mainland Crossing Mall

FRIENDSWOOD, TEXAS, USA, Feb. 16, 2022 / — Jerome Karam Houston of JMK5 Holdings has made a name for himself in the real estate industry in Texas and Louisiana with a series of development projects. Over the past decade, Jerome Karam Friendswood has been making waves and even earning the nickname Mr. Impossible from the mayor of Galveston. Through his company, JMK5 Holdings, Jerome Karam has undertaken commercial and residential projects that have transformed the way the Houston community shops, lives and plays. Some of its developments include:

Jerome Karam Houston rehabilitated this neglected truck wash facility and transformed it into a world-class parking lot for cruise ships. Located at 533 33rd Street in Galveston, TX, this facility is proud to be the largest privately owned cruise parking lot in Galveston County. The car park is conveniently located close to other Karam developments such as Karam Self Storage, Hotel Falstaff and Events @ The Tasting Room.

This is the newest addition to Jérôme Karam’s real estate development stable. Located on the Emmett F. Lowry Freeway, Mainland Crossing is a 135,000-square-foot facility that was on a downward spiral following craft retailer Hobby Lobby’s decision to find an alternate location. This left Mainland Crossing with a few tenants, including Mexican restaurant Luna and band The Optometry.

In total, the remaining tenants occupy a meager 35,000 square feet. Going forward, the Texans can expect a stunning transformation as Jerome Karam Houston gets to work. Already, two anchor tenants have expressed interest in moving to Mainland Crossing.

The first is Booker T’s World Gym Arena, which is relocating from downtown Continental, also a Karam development project. The University of Texas Medical Branch has also shown intent. As more tenants jump on the bandwagon, Mainland Crossing is on track for a major facelift.

Jerome Karam Houston is a firm believer in community empowerment. All development projects undertaken by him are meticulously planned to ensure that the community is better placed in terms of accessibility and functionality. Due to the rapid growth seen following the development of Mainland City Center Karam, the Texas City Police Department developed the West Side Station with permanent police officers. This has improved security enormously.

Karam’s development projects create thousands of community jobs and empower local entrepreneurs. The materials are sourced locally, which puts even more money in the pockets of locals. For Jérôme Karam, the community will always come first.

Jérôme Karam started out as a personal injury lawyer and has represented thousands of clients. He then moved into real estate in Texas and Louisiana. He never looked back.

Jérôme Karam is married to his charming wife Leslie. They are blessed with five wonderful children.

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