Japanese department store PARCO is preparing expensive, life-size Atelier Sophie 2 statues

japanese department store BY CO has a history of working with Workshop RPG franchise developer Gust and editor Koei Tecmo for elaborate and expensive large-scale characters that reflect the dedicated fandom for their respective franchises and characters, and the latest collab is no exception.

The department store is once again collaborating with the developer for life-size statues based on the aforementioned franchise’s newest game and character in Sophie’s workshop/Sophie Neuenmuller as part of his ONE/BAR initiative to encourage the production of pop culture art in the wake of the ongoing pandemic which will be presented on the 5th floor of the BY CO Shibuya department store. In addition, the 6th floor will be dedicated to a Koei-Tecmo pop-up store with exclusive Atelier Sophie products.

The department store will sell life-size statues of Sophie in Japan and China by custom order for ¥4,290,000, or $33,570 at current exchange rates (above left). However, and most likely due to the challenges of shipping such a large piece overseas, life-size statues are limited to Japanese and Chinese orders. In addition to the life-size statue, Parco is also holding a lottery for an even more expensive 1:1 unique statue with a more elaborate ruin pattern priced at ¥6,050,000 or $47,190 at current exchange rates (up to right).

For the vast majority of us who aren’t lucky enough to live in Japan or China to be able to buy the life-size statues, or have the deep pockets required, Parco offers a much larger 1/7 scale figure manageable which will be open for international orders and will be available to order at ¥23,980 or $187 at the current exchange rate.

The life-size statue will be up for pre-order from April 27 to July 18, 2022 alongside a slew of new releases. A new video has also been produced by the department store chain detailing the development and final design of the life-size Sophie statue, which is embedded below:


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