How a Busy Department Store Inspired the Tobe Hooper Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Chainsaws in horror movies are kind of a thing. Every time one of them shows up, the audience gets a little thrill. Most likely it’s because they’re loud, gritty, and do a great job splattering blood while shredding everything in their path to luscious shreds. And they are scary. But chainsaws are also popular because of Leatherface and his iconic chainsaw in “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”. The Chainsaw in a Horror Movie has become a not-so-subtle nod to the classic 1974 horror flick, so much so that I can’t even watch one anymore without thinking of Leatherface and Sally.

When Hooper was working on his script for the film, all he had was an idea for a group of young adults struggling with the political and emotional effects of the 1970s. He knew the film needed more, but he didn’t. didn’t quite know what. Then, he walked into a department store during the holiday shopping rush and had an idea. In a conversation with Interview Magazine, Hooper describes when the idea of ​​a chainsaw as a murder weapon was born:

“There were thousands of people in there, and I was walking through them to get out, and I found myself in the hardware department, I looked down and there was a rack of chainsaws in front of me for sale. “

Seeing the chainsaws led Hooper to fantasize about using one to break up the crowded crowds of stressed shoppers so he could easily exit the store, and just like that, the rest of Hooper’s script fell into place. square.