Here’s what planners wanted to do at the Lakewood Mall in 1975

Lakewood Revitalization. Photo courtesy of SMU’s G. William Jones Collection via YouTube.

In 1975, the Lakewood Mall featured a combination of old and new elements.

Updates have been made to the area around Swiss Avenue and Bryan Parkway, causing increased foot traffic. Swiss Avenue also gained historic designation in 1973, which inspired preservation efforts.

But even though the mall had been a central gathering place for the neighborhood since the 1930s, when the Lakewood Theater and the Diener-Mills building were built, retailers feared their stores would begin to see fewer customers and deteriorate. , as it was. in the old quarters of the city.

So planners wanted to revamp the area, adding shopping malls, parks, outdoor cafes and more. They also wanted to increase walkability and preserve small local businesses. Gaston was planned to be a boulevard.

The main goals were to attract people to the mall and to preserve historic structures and small businesses.

Over the years, ownership of the mall has changed hands and tenants have come and gone. The clock has been taken apart and reinstalled several times.

Throughout all the changes, neighbors fought for preservation.

Learn more about the plan in the old WFAA video below. It comes from the G. William Jones collection of SMU.