Exterior ceiling collapse closes Meriden department store

MERIDEN – Marshalls temporarily closed on Saturday after part of a cantilevered ceiling outside the store collapsed shortly after 4 p.m.

No injuries were reported.

Authorities responded to the Town Line Square shopping center on South Broad Street after store staff reported the incident.

A significant portion of the ceiling that covers the sidewalk in front of the store has apparently come loose from the metal support beams. Firefighters on site were unable to immediately identify the cause of the collapse. The ceiling material, consisting primarily of plywood and construction foam, showed no visible signs of weathering or water damage.

“We were able to make it safe, which meant we got this big section – almost a 100ft long section – on the ground so it wouldn’t fall again,” the deputy chief of staff said. firefighters Brian Wysocki. “Because when we got there he was leaning against the front pillars.”

There was no damage inside the store, but Marshalls temporarily closed as a precaution.

The collapse tore away and exposed several electrical devices. An electrician came in to assess the damage and determine if the location could be reopened safely. Private contractors were called in to remove the debris.

“They will be open once the contractor gives them the okay,” Wysocki said.

The store was supposed to reopen Saturday night or today.

Town Line Square officials could not immediately be reached for comment.