Eastern Kentucky department store doing well in 2021 holiday season

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) — With the holidays winding down, an Eastern Kentucky department store has done well during the shopping season.

JCPenney in Pikeville has seen sales increase from the 2020 season.

“I think it has a lot to do with getting back to normal. It’s slowly starting to come back and I think we’re starting to see that here in our store,” said operations supervisor Jordan Slone. “We seemed to see more customers coming in.”

Slone said they still hadn’t quite reached the same numbers before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Compared to previous years, it is still a little less. I think it has to do with COVID still being around and still being a factor,” he said. “I think we’ll see that number continue to grow in the years to come.”

Slone adds that with the end of Christmas, it also means many returns from holidays.

“I don’t think we’ll see today, maybe a few, but some people are still celebrating,” he said. “So I think this week and next week are really going to be our toughest weeks for comebacks.”

He said it’s guaranteed with online shopping as a factor.

“It still seems to be very popular and very mainstream,” Slone said. “I think we will definitely get as many returns as we have in the past, mainly because of that.”

Although unsure of what the future holds, store executives said they were confident.

“I know we’re still seeing today, more variants and things coming out,” Slone said. “If it gets back to normal, I think we’ll do exactly what we were doing before COVID, hopefully better.”

Slone said that before the start of the holiday shopping season, the store had well-stocked shelves, now many of them are cleared.

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