Developers seek to relocate Publix to Ashley Landing Mall

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – Developers of a popular West Ashley mall on Sam Rittenberg plan to relocate a large grocery store and renovate a few existing buildings in the area.

The Publix at Ashley Landing has occupied the space for about 30 years and the developers saw an opportunity to reinvest in the space.

City of Charleston officials say not to worry because the developers are only looking to move the Publix to the other side of the parking lot where the Dollar Tree is. This is the same mall where Pivotal Fitness and Big Lots are located.

The plans to move began when Publix was about to carry out major renovations to their interior when the developers saw the opportunity to build a new grocery store and rejuvenate the plaza.

The developers are looking to demolish the Dollar Tree to the West Ashley Theater. This space does not currently meet the dimensional and technical requirements required by Publix, which is why they should demolish the standing building.

Eric Pohlman of the City of Charleston said that as for the current tenants of the Dollar Tree and other stores, developers are looking to relocate them to the area, but the first activity is to start building Publix. .

“It’s going to provide a lot of reinvestment, redevelopment and revitalization of the area,” Pohlman said.

The existing Publix will remain open while developers build the new space. Once they move into the new building, they will start deciding what will be best to replace the old Publix location.

Developers say they are still having public meetings with city officials and the community, so as of now there is no set date for construction.

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