Deep discounts and a big name change for local outlet stores

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Discount stores and outlet stores have long been favorite destinations for bargain hunters looking to get high-quality new or like-new items at rock-bottom prices. A local chain of four discount stores, headquartered in Ogden, has invigorated the in-store shopping experience with its unique products and great savings. They are rapidly expanding in Utah and Idaho to become one of the fastest growing discount chain stores.

If you haven’t heard of Big point of sale before, maybe it’s because they changed their name last week. Their Utah stores, formerly known as BDO Outlet, Logan Outlet and Layton Outlet, have changed their names to be recognized as one brand and one company.

Deep discounts and a big name change for local outlet stores
Photo: Big Deal Outlet

Big Deal Outlet stores sell clearance and liquidation products from local manufacturers and national retailers for up to 75% off the original price. They offer unique deals on a wide variety of groceries, clothing, shoes, household items, toys, furniture and more. While many brick-and-mortar stores have struggled to stay open with customers switching from in-person to online shopping, Big Deal Outlet has seen 38% average annual revenue growth and now employs 150 people.

Big Deal Outlet receives most of its inventory from major national retailers. When an e-retailer receives a customer return that has damaged packaging, little use, or is too difficult to restock, they have two options: send it to landfill or liquidate it. This is where Big Deal Outlet comes in. Big Deal Outlet sources these products, inspects them for damage or missing parts, and sells them from one of its four locations at deeply discounted prices.

“January is the best time for us to stock up,” says Big Deal Outlet founder Clayton Cook. “We get the best prices and the inventory we buy is generally in excellent condition due to the rush of holiday returns. Last year in January we purchased three half full seedlings of Instant Pots which were all customer returns. More than half of them were new, and the other half had only minor cosmetic flaws.”

While customer returns from online retailers make up the majority of Big Deal Outlet products, the stores are best known for their deals on food and groceries. They receive salvaged and secondary products from local grocery stores, distributors and manufacturers. Most of their foods are out of stock, have damaged packaging, or are near or past their freshness date. Semi-trailers that tip over or are involved in accidents must also be liquidated. Recently, Big Deal Outlet purchased overturned semi-trucks full of Rockstar Energy Drinks, Top Ramen, and 50-pound bags of yellow onions, all of which they were able to sell at deeply discounted prices.

“We always have very unique products that you won’t find anywhere else,” Cook explained. “I am always amazed at the variety of products that our local food manufacturers, restaurant suppliers and distributors offer. Our favorite right now are 10 pound bags of Peanut M&Ms for 11.99 $. Our top selling product is the 20 oz. soda (sold for $0.50 each). We sell out within a day or two of receiving a charge.”

If there’s anything constant about POS inventory, it’s change. On average, their inventory will completely renew each month. Each store’s inventory varies from others, depending on excess inventory and returned items available from local and national retailers. “Our customers love a bargain and we have a lot of unique treasures on our shelves,” Cook said. “If you don’t buy it today, there probably won’t be any tomorrow. Every product we sell is a big deal!”

After opening its flagship store in Ogden in March 2011, success saw Big Deal Outlet expand to Logan in June 2018 and Layton in December 2019. Their fourth store opened in Idaho Falls in September 2020 with the new name, Big Deal Outlet.

“Unlike most struggling retail businesses in the current economy, we continue to grow and have big plans for 2021,” Cook explained. “Last week we moved our Layton store to a new building on Hill Field Road, just behind the Layton Hills Shopping Centre. We are currently stocking our warehouse with products to prepare for our 10th anniversary sale in March, and we also hope to open two more stores this year in locations yet to be revealed.”

Deep discounts and a big name change for local outlet stores
Photo: Big Deal Outlet

Big Deal Outlet sends out its Big Deals of the Week every Wednesday via email, as well as posting them to its website and social media sites. You can also check out grand reopening deals from the newly relocated Layton, Utah store on their website.

“Have you ever wondered what happened to that sweater you bought online but sent it back because it didn’t fit,” Cook said. “Stop by the Big Deal Outlet and maybe you’ll see it again, only now it’s half the price you originally paid.”

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