Customers brawl in department store video

A video of a violent fight between more than 20 customers at a popular department store outlet goes viral.

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The viral video showed onlookers, especially those with children, running for protection as shoppers physically attacked each other, grabbing steel rods and throwing glass objects at the store in suburban St. Louis in Ferguson in the United States. The brawl also saw fire extinguishers used.

A foreign news agency said the situation was calm by the time police arrived for the investigation. They are reviewing security camera footage to determine the reason and how the situation started.

There were no reports of injuries or arrests in connection with the fight.

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Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall called the incident “shameful”.

“I’ve seen videos on social media, and it’s shameful. I’m going to call it that, he says

He estimated that 10 to 25 people were involved in the incident, adding that accountability, transparency and security are needed to avoid a situation like the shop’s.

A spokesperson for the department store said they prioritize the safety of their customers and associates at all times and will work closely with local law enforcement as they investigate what happened. went to their store.