Central Group expands to Vienna with luxury department store LAMARR

Central Group and SIGNA, a European leader in real estate and retail, join forces to unveil LAMARR. Designed to be a luxury department store in the heart of Austria, LAMARR is another proud European expansion of the renowned Thai retail group.

As the first foreign department store to enter Europe in over eight decades, LAMARR promises to offer a variety of services. Throughout the eight floors, visitors will not only be presented with the world’s top luxury brands, but also local Viennese brands. LAMARR will serve as a comprehensive destination, going beyond shopping into medical services and spa treatments, as well as art exhibitions and event spaces.

The department store will blend into the city’s lush landscape with a 1,000 square meter rooftop park, created for recreational purposes. On top of that, LAMARR is also connected to the Thompson Vienna Hotel, which will predictably be a popular dining destination.

Image credit: Central Group

The name LAMARR may sound familiar to some, and that’s because the department store is named after iconic Vienna Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr. She lived a glorious life in the 20th century, known to many as the most beautiful woman in the world. Tos Chirathivat, Executive Chairman and CEO of Central Group, explains at the announcement gala: “Its exceptional and multifaceted qualities perfectly represent our LAMARR – a world-class luxury department store with comprehensive lifestyle offerings and design and a cutting edge experience.”

Image credit: Central Group

LAMARR will also showcase several aspects of the life and work of its namesake Hollywood icon through the Museum Cafe and decorations throughout the building.

LAMARR is scheduled to open in 2024. Learn more about the project here.

[Hero and featured image credit: Central Group]