Cedar Breaks West shopping center under construction in Georgetown

The Durham & Bassett Realty Group and Georgetown Retail Land III LP began construction of a new mall in May.

Known as the Cedar Breaks West Mall, the development is located on the northwest corner of Williams Drive and Wildwood Drive.

Scheduled for completion in November, the development consists of an approximately 30,000 square foot gym and over 60,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space.

The project costs around $10 million and will take place in two phases, with Phase I being located closest to Williams Drive. Phase II will border the terraces of the Woodlake district.

The first phase has nearly 19,000 square feet of available rental space, according to developer documents.

According to the City of Georgetown, the final flat for the project was approved in 2020. The site will also include a branch of Chase Bank, which was approved by the city in 2019.

Developers began construction of two right-turn lanes on Williams Drive and Wildwood Drive on May 9 as part of a traffic improvement agreement previously reached with the city.

Durham & Bassett has two other developments in Georgetown: Cedar Breaks Center and Georgetown 5.0.

Space: 115,677 square feet

Chronology: May-November