Buy the Right New Tyres for your Automobile

22 Nov

When purchasing new tyres in Gold Coast, the opinion of many experts is that price shouldn’t feature as a top consideration. If you are to get the perfect fit, there are other major factors such as grip and ride and safety that should top your list. Most car owners wait until there is a visible tear that can’t be ignored. When was the last time you had your tyres inspected for uneven cuts or checked the pressure? The tyres are the single most important components in your car. They determine the handling, ride, and the stability. Below, we discuss critical considerations when purchasing new tyres.

Tyre Type

Each year, new car designs are introduced in the market. For that reason, tyre manufacturers are responding to the trend with new designs. For your automobile, you could choose anything from easy riding, long wearing, and style conscious tyres to ultra-high performance tyres. If you need comfort and handling, touring tyres could be your best bet given that they offer great dependability on dry and wet pavements. They offer performance handling with a balanced, smooth and quiet ride.

If you drive a sports car, look for high-performance tyres. Such are designed for higher speeds in both dry and wet conditions. They come with a soft rubber compound for good grip. For SUVs, light truck tyres are the best solution. These offer traction and durability in bad off-road conditions. When it comes to commercial vehicles, only choose commercial light truck tyres. Such are designed for rough conditions such as wear from commercial applications.

Tyre Size

The biggest mistake a car owner would make is purchasing new tyres in Gold Coast without determining the correct size. The sidewall of your tyre has a code that reveals the size and capabilities.  If the tyre’s size code reads LT, for example, it means that the tyres are for light trucks. LT tyres are mostly designed for SUVs and pick-ups because they have higher load carrying capacities. Never choose a tyre that has less load-carrying capacity or has smaller size than is recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

When replacing, ensure that the exact tyre designation is met. The original tyre size of your vehicle can be found in the owner’s manual. At least, find it necessary to consult your retailer or make use of the sidewall. The first requirement is that the tyres must carry the vehicle’s weight. Overworked tyres end up having little reserve capacity. Therefore, make certain that the size is designed to carry the exact weight of the vehicle.

Speed Rating

Speed rating should guide on the highest speed at which the tyre can operate. Speed rating translates to the tyre’s ability to prevent heat build-up. The higher the rate of heat, the more the tyres wear, and the higher the chances of a breakdown. On long trips, a tyre that has a high rating could dissipate more heat.

It is necessary to buy new tyres with the right speed rating. You can purchase an equal or a higher speed rating as your previous tyres. However, rating impacts on wear, comfort, and cornering ability. Ratings range from Q to Z and not in alphabetical order since H falls between U and V.

When purchasing new tyres in Gold Coast, be sure to work with an expert that understands the core components of a tyre.