Bracknell’s Bentalls Department Store Souvenir

The BENTALLS department store was greatly missed by our News readers as the building is replaced by Fenwicks.

The much-loved department store opened in 1973 in The Avenue, but became a Fenwicks in 2017 as part of The Lexicon regeneration.

The store sold anything and everything from women’s fashion and beauty to children’s clothing and toys.

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We asked our readers what they missed in the store and if they remember shopping at Bentalls.

Nearly 100 of you responded to our nostalgic Facebook post.

Here is what you said:

Jacqui Cumber: “I worked there for 17 years. I loved the atmosphere and all the banter with the staff. Everything changed when we were taken over and the new town center was built.”

Jennifer Roberts said: “Yeah, I remember it, the makeup department where I bought my first face moisturizer and the pretty fabric department.”

Rob Warren said, “It was the best shop in Bracknell. Great memories of running up the mirror ramp as a kid.”

Ashley James Allen: “I remember the confectionery that was right inside the main entrance.”

Rosemary Mayall: “Great store. I used to buy all my fluffy towels during sales and loved the shoes.”

Eileen Killestein: “Yes, I loved that sad day when it went away.”

Christine Ware added: ‘I love shopping at bentalls the best shop in bracknell, I miss everything so my dad was in charge of the build’

Anita Wilson said, “My favorite store and sales have been brilliant.”