‘Beyond Mending’… West Park Mall could be demolished

By September 26, 2022 9:58 p.m.

MANSFIELD—The City of Mansfield intends to address the irreparable condition of the West Park Shopping Center located at 1157 Park Ave West.

In a letter dated September 16 to Moshe Property Management of Great Neck, New York, the city described the numerous code violations at the mall and gave the company a final 60-day notice to either put the mall to the code, or face the consequences.

If the city receives no response, they could legally demolish it themselves.

A 17-page letter including photos of the dilapidated center was signed by Marc Milliron, director of buildings, codes and permits.

The letter summarized the city’s plans to remedy the conditions at the site:

“Many of the systems and assemblies described above are beyond repair and must be replaced in their entirety. Due to the complexity and coordination of repairs and replacements, construction documents should be prepared by a design professional registered in Ohio Applications for approvals, fees, submission/review of construction documents and approval of plans are required prior to construction of repair and replacement work.

All items except plumbing must be submitted to our department.

Plumbing and food service approval must be submitted to Richland Public Health; such application, fee, inspection and approval requirements will be determined by Richland Public Health. Work must be performed by contractors registered with the City of Mansfield in accordance with City Code Chapter 1333.

Per Ohio Board of Building Standards 2017 section 109.4, Unsafe Buildings, this building department, through section 1335.07 of the Mansfield Codified Ordinance, has determined, upon and after inspection thereof, 1157 Park Avenue West Mansfield, OH, to be unsecured, unsafe, derelict or vacant and open and unsecured against intrusion, structurally defective, or particularly likely to cause a fire, or endanger life, health, or other buildings or property .

If this danger is not eliminated within 60 days of service of this notice, such orders will be dealt with under Section 1335 of the Consolidated City of Mansfield Ordinance. »

To read the full letter and see the included photos, click HERE.