Belfast remembers beloved Anderson & McAuley department store

We decided to revisit one of Belfast’s favorite old shops which sadly no longer sells on the streets of our city – Anderson & McAuley.

The shop which resided on the corner of Donegall Place and Castle Street for over 130 years has been remembered by generations of Belfast locals as a luxury shopping destination in the heart of the city.

The iconic department store was first opened in 1861 by two brothers, Robert and Alexander Anderson, and went into business with John McAuley. The retailer prided itself on the family atmosphere it sought to create for its customers.

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An advertisement for Irish linen products available by mail order from Anderson & McCauley in Belfast

In 1956 the department store made history as one of the first stores in Northern Ireland to install escalators and people visited the store just to see and experience them.

A weekend trip to town wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the prestigious department store that gave shoppers a glimpse into a world of style. The experience was a treat that will bring back happy memories for many people since childhood.

Anderson & McAuley will be remembered by many as one of the top destinations to experience Belfast at Christmas with impressive window displays that even had moving puppets.

Sadly, the former beloved family store last served its customers in 1994. Today, the building known as the McAuley House is home to retailers Clarks and Zara.

Let us know in the comments which era of Belfast brings back the most nostalgic memories for you.

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