All the hilarious things we heard in the Liberty department store, from wanting more expensive items to loving rats

Liberty London is an absolute institution and rightly so. It’s been around since 1875 and what started as a half-shop in Regent’s Street is now a huge Tudor empire.

They’re best known for their floral designs and bold fabrics, but Liberty sells a huge range of items from high-end furniture to jewelry. People come from all over the world to climb their wooden stairs and say some pretty funny words along the way.

In an effort to make me and you, dear reader, laugh, I braved the late afternoon crowds and made my way to the iconic black and white building. And after a few insolent listenings, I had heard a lot of comic extracts.

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Liberty floors are a real treasure

The ground floor of Liberty is filled with jewelry from international brands such as Monica Vinader, Gucci, Maria Black and many more. There are American brands too, but they weren’t good enough for one shopper who marveled at a ring before seeing its origin: “Based in Miami? No, I can’t buy that.”

One person who had finished shopping threw her bags down the stairs as she complained loudly to her friend: ‘She wanted her hen to do at Royal Ascot so we moved to Surrey.’ And love was really in the air at Liberty when a woman fell in love with her friend: “Love is life. Love is life, Lewis! You don’t know the sonnets?”

Liberty is famous for its floral fabrics

Liberty’s stairs are notoriously steep and the store’s fourth floor is higher than expected, as one Norwegian customer discovered when peeking over the banister: “Oh no, it’s too high. I’m dizzy.” Upstairs, a display of animal sculptures, including two bright pink rat sculptures, looked tempting to me, but to one shopper they weren’t quite right: “No, no, no! J just like the concept of rats, not those.” And her friend uttered the perfect solution to her shopping woes: “Let’s go to Selfridges, it’s more expensive.”

Money is certainly no object for most Liberty shoppers, as one woman eagerly ran up the stairs after shouting “I think upstairs is more expensive!” And over there, in the furniture section, a family was debating which lamp to buy. When told his first choice cost £1,800, one of the members quickly asked, “Do you have a bigger one?”

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