Abandoned mobile home in the middle of the SA mall; identified owner

KENS 5 first reported the abandoned house on Sunday.

Monica Ortega said she cried after learning that her mother’s mobile home had been abandoned in the parking lot of a West Side mall.

KENS 5 first reported the abandoned home on Sunday, but Ortega said she had been there since last Monday when her mother was evicted from Westhill Home and RV Park.

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However, she believes her mother was wrongfully evicted, claiming she owed up to $10,000 for missed payments on her land. Ortega said her mother missed a few payments earlier this year but received rent relief to pay off her debts to the landlord.

KENS 5 contacted Westhill Mobile Home and RV Park, and was told that a comment could not be provided on the basis of confidentiality.

Ortega said the owner hired Texas Repo Mobile Homes to remove the home from the property. KENS 5 discovered an axle under the house, broken during transport.

In a statement from Texas Repo Mobile Homes, Operations Manager Steve Martinez told us, “This home has been removed from the mobile home park due to eviction for nonpayment or rent. Park owners have contacted our company to remove the mobile home from the park. During transport, an axle under the house broke and made the house unsafe to travel on the roads without being repaired. While the house was in the mall parking lot, another party moved the house without permission or jurisdiction and damaged the house beyond repair, rendering the house immobile.Video footage of this event has been obtained and released to compliance with the code and to the Bexar County Commissioners Office. We deeply sympathize with the homeowner for his loss and hope the responsible parties can find an amicable resolution for them.”

We also contacted the office of District 6 Councilwoman Melissa Cabello Havrda. She said: “It is very upsetting to me that anyone has such a lack of responsibility and such disregard for our community and its public safety. The abandoned trailer was to be removed over the weekend. District 6 personnel and the City’s Code Enforcement Department are working with the owners of the property where the trailer was abandoned to ensure action is taken to have it removed as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor the situation. »

“I hope everyone [involved] is punished for what he has done. [My mother] is elderly, she is disabled and she did not ask for this,” Ortega said.