A new department store for artists will open in Aberdeen this festive season

A new pop-up department store with an artistic flair will open in Aberdeen this festive season.

Kirsty Cameron, owner of Aberdeen’s Second Home Studio + Cafe, today announced plans to open ‘a not-ordinary department store’ called Departmnt, filled with works by local artists and designers.

Witnessing the closure of two major Aberdeen stores – John Lewis and Debenhams – and the ‘lack of retail space’ available at the moment were key factors that motivated the talented entrepreneur to start crafting her plans, which will see artists keep 100% of their profits.

“I also wanted to bring people back downtown and of course support our local creative community,” Kirsty added.

“And I also wanted it to be easier for people to shop locally.”

Kirsty Cameron, owner of Second Home Studio and Cafe. Photo by Kenny Elrick.

Secret location – for now

Applications are now open for creatives interested in exhibiting at the Departmnt which runs from November 12 to December 23.

But Kirsty has been tight-lipped about the location of the pop-up, only revealing that it will be “somewhere downtown”.

“I haven’t been able to get into the unit yet, so that’s why it’s a secret at this time,” Kirsty said before adding that she hopes to announce the department’s location in the coming weeks. .

Kirsty would like to encourage many different designers from Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire to apply to exhibit in the brand new store.

She said: “We are looking for visual artists in a variety of fields – illustrators, painters, sculptors, jewelry and textile makers, and anything related to homewares. Basically anything you would find in a retail environment.

“Anyone from Scotland can apply, but artists from the North East will have top priority.”

Kirsty would like to encourage local creatives to apply to exhibit in the pop-up department store.

Artists will keep 100% of profits

While most fairs and exhibition spaces take a commission on sales, those who exhibit at the Departmnt will be able to keep 100% of their profits.

Kirsty said: “The usual commission can be anywhere between 13-15% which can take a good chunk out of your profit.”

The application deadline is October 5. More information on the application procedure can be found here.

Early feedback has been amazing, with Kirsty receiving lots of encouraging feedback, which was “great to see”.

“There has been a lot of excitement around the department.

“It’s been a long time to prepare for me, so it’s good to see it come to fruition – it’s very exciting.

Success could see the department return

“I started working on it last year. We lost our retail space when we moved and I really liked that aspect. So why not take it to a whole new level and open a big store? »

The department may even return in the future, but it’s too early to tell.

“It’s going to be a one-time event for now, we’ll see how successful it is and then decide if we’ll do it again next year,” Kirsty said.

The pop-up store, partially funded by Aberdeen City Council, is also supported by the Look Again team.

Click here for more information on the department.

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[New department store for artists to open in Aberdeen this festive season]