A gunshot in the parking lot of a shopping center in southwest Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) — Police responded to a shooting Tuesday morning at a mall in the Steele Creek area of ​​Charlotte.

Medic confirmed that one person was seriously injured and taken to the CMC Main Atrium after the shooting on Berewick Town Center Drive, which is off Steele Creek Road in southwest Charlotte.

Neel Jadeja was working nearby when he heard a car crash outside. He says customers inside started screaming when they saw their cars had been hit in the Berewick Town Center Drive parking lot near Harris Teeter.

Jadeja pulled out her cell phone and began filming the moments leading up to the shooting which showed two men fighting outside of a wrecked SUV. At least two other vehicles in the parking lot were also hit.

” It was not [anything] about tik tok or social media it was like ‘damn’ if something bad happened people need to know what happened and who did it if someone did something so wrong,” Jadeja said.

Cellphone video showed one of the men waving the gun and knocking the other man to the ground. The second man began to walk away and was shot moments later.

“There were guns, it was very scary, it was really scary,” Jadeja said.

The Charlotte Fire Department said one of its firefighters was shopping nearby when he responded to the commotion and helped provide medical attention to the injured man.

“This morning, Charlotte Firefighter Michael Cunningham witnessed an active shooting and was the first caller to 911. Following his valiant efforts to keep bystanders safe and out of harm’s way, Cunningham provided medical attention to ’emergency to the shooting victim at the scene,’ a fire department spokesperson said on Twitter.

Jadeja says he is grateful no one else was injured, but says this incident will stick with him and others in the area.

“You know, people who just had lunch today, people eating clean juices and stuff, and those cars and that line of police, it’s now a scene of evidence,” Jadeja said. “It’s affecting a lot of people in so many ways today that weren’t expected and it’s going to last.”

WBTV’s Sky 3 shows a crime scene tape and first responders in a Berewick Town Center Drive shopping center car park.

Officers were also investigating the nearby Hampton Inn & Suites, but provided no update on an arrest or the outcome of the investigation at the hotel.

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